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  • Purpose: The eBook is designed to help dog owners achieve better recall with their dogs. Whether you’re struggling in specific situations, dealing with focus challenges, or working with a puppy, this book aims to enhance your dog’s ability to come back when called.
  • Author: Helen Taylor, a seasoned dog trainer with 26 years of experience.
  • Training Approach: The eBook focuses on positive reward-based methods, emphasising positive reinforcement to build reliable recall.

Key Features:

  • Structured Training Programme: The book is divided into three parts:
    • Preparation: Setting the groundwork for successful recall training.
    • Training: Step-by-step exercises to build a reliable recall.
    • Problem Solving: Addressing common recall challenges.
  • Unique Approach: Unlike generic training guides, this eBook follows the entire training process for a single skill: recall. It provides detailed exercises and information on canine behaviour.
  • Insight into Canine Behaviour: By understanding why dogs behave the way they do, readers gain valuable insights into their furry companions.
  • Comprehensive Reference: Beyond recall training, the eBook serves as a guide to canine behaviour and dog training, appealing to dog owners both in the UK and worldwide.

Whether you’re a first-time puppy parent or have trained multiple dogs, this eBook offers practical techniques and a deeper understanding of your canine friend. Remember, building a strong recall is essential for safety and enjoyable interactions with your dog! 🐾📖

Happy training! 🐶✨

Come Every Time Recall eBook

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