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All workshops must be paid for at the time of booking.


Working with pet dogs which are of a working dog breed. For people who don’t mind getting wet and a little bit mucky, we will be working dogs off lead in an open environment. It is a farm type environment so expect there to be animals and a bit of poop. So please do wear appropriate clothing and footwear. There is facilities to make a good old brew, but there are no toilet facilities – (well there are its called a stable).


All dogs must be non reactive as we will be working off lead. We will be using reward based methods, so please bring with you some treats and toys that your dog loves. You will also need a whistle and a long line or flexi lead to start with. You may want to bring a towel or two.


For more information please call 07961 793538



There is an opportunity to receive a ribbon and certificate at all our workshops, we have now started the ShootingSky awards, which are a progressive gundog test. It starts with Bronze and works up to Gold. For more information please do get in contact.


Helen with Gundog
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