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Cultivating Calmness: A Guide to Enrichment for Dogs

  • Purpose: The eBook aims to help dog owners achieve several goals:

    Calmness: If you struggle with your dog’s hyperactivity or restlessness, this eBook provides strategies to promote calm behaviour.

    Focus: Whether you have a distractible puppy or an older dog, the book offers techniques to improve focus and attention, through the use of enrichment activities.

    Relationship Building: By engaging in positive activities, you’ll deepen your connection with your furry companion.

Key Features of “Cultivating Calmness”:

  • Positive Reward-Based Methods: Helen Taylor emphasises positive reinforcement throughout the eBook. This approach focuses on rewarding desired behaviours rather than punishing unwanted ones. 
  • Enrichment Activities: Discover a variety of activities that engage your dog’s mind and body. From puzzle toys to sensory experiences, these enriching activities contribute to overall well-being.
  • Expertise: With 26 years of dog training experience, Helen Taylor draws from her wealth of knowledge to provide practical advice.

Remember, a calm and focused dog is a happy dog! By implementing positive reinforcement techniques and incorporating enrichment activities, you’ll create a harmonious relationship with your canine companion. 🐾✨

Cultivating Calmness - a guide to enrichment for your dog

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